Sky High Tea with Roberts Bakery


High tea is an English tradition. Included in a typical high tea will be perfectly sliced cucumber sandwiches, champagne flutes and towers of buttery scones accompanied with fresh strawberry jam and clotted cream, then finished with, glorious amounts of English tea.

Imagine all of this… but 100ft in the sky!

I was very kindly invited by Roberts bakery to their SKY HIGH TEA event. The occasions were to celebrate their new packaging and product launch. I also was allowed to take a plus 1 which was perfect in addition to having some of my food blogger friends also there (Sophie Scran).

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The event started with fizz on arrival as the guest interlaced with the ‘how do you do’s’, ‘what do you do’ and my favorite ‘WHAT!?! ..a living from taking pictures of food?’. After finishing our drinks, or two, we were told the ‘story’ behide the Roberts Bakert rebrand and how the Roberts Chicken is the new iconic symbol creating a persona for the brand.

We were then taken through the safety procedures of our ‘flight’. Armed with umbrellas we walked over to board our sky high dining table. The production team came round to strap us in and check we were all feeling safe. Regardless of the typical Manchester drizzle spirits were high, literally.

Once everyone was safely strapped into their seats – it was take off time. As we were pulled into the air, the star wars theme tune sounded which increased in tempo and loudness until we were overlooking Manchester’s city scape.

We had a great introduction on the menu which included all from the menu below:

Alongside we were served tea, which was a little cold due to both the weather and altitude.

My favourite course was the sticky toffee scones with soft fudge and dates! Unfortunately, these were specially made for the event but fingers crossed I might get a recipe!

After 30 minutes in the air we began our descent.

The experience was fantastic and perfect to create conversation surrounding the brand relaunch. The SKY HIGH EVENT was run by Events in the Sky! Thank you Roberts Bakery for my boarding pass.

Roberts bakery launch new products with a ‘Highest Tea’ event at the Etihad Stadium

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