Nalu Active is a space created by Sophia Hall and is about going with the flow.

What does Nalu mean?
Nalu is a popular phrase used mostly in Hawaii and Indonesia. Before I went travelling in 2015 I would describe myself as a ‘worrier’ , feeling uneasy if I didn’t have a plan. As I invested more into the culture I frequently heard the word ‘nalu’ and discovered it meant ‘go with the flow’. Their philosophy in life was to be guided by your intuition. Soon I transferred this approach to all aspects of my lifestyle; mindset, nutrition and fitness

Why did you become a Nutritionist?

In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with crohns disease, a gastro-intestinal disorder. With limited NHS resource I eventually began to research on the best ways to minimise my symptoms through lifestyle changes. Over the next few months I relieved all my symptoms by using food functionally, meditation and a tailored fitness programme.

Soon I become fascinated by the effects that food and being active could change not only your body but your mind.

I then decided to qualify as a fitness instructor alongside completing masters in Nutrition whilst setting up a lifestyle coach company. Over the last 3 years I have helped relieve clients with similar conditions alongside lifestyle coaching.

‘I had fallen into a trap where I felt isolated due to my IBS symptoms. Sophia worked closely with me to ail my symptoms alongside elevating my mood. Soon after working with Sophia I decided to book a photoshoot – and I have never looked better’ – Vicki Mellard

I want to know more about the lifestyle programmes?

The Nutritional and Fitness programmes will help you reach your goals as well as teaching you how to sustain these lifestyle changes. I show you the methods on how to correctly nourish your body, the best ways to improve hormonal dis-balances, the importance of meal times and frequency alongside the perfect fitness routine to maximise your results.

The wellbeing aspects of the programmes stem from my background in Psychology. Rather than striving for perfection, the programme focuses on self-gratification and love. This is achieved by positive affirmations, wellbeing tasks and gratitude journal.

Positive Thoughts = Positive Actions = Positive Outcomes.

What other services do you offer?

Additionally I offer blogger services about new health and fitness products, eateries or services suited to Nalu Active.

To sign up for a lifestyle programme click here OR email Sophia@naluactive.com for more information