Spring Time with Carly

Rather than having a blog full of MY opinions, MY recipes and MY journey , I want to broaden my content ! I therefore decided that I wanted to interview a fellow blogger or someone who has inspired me each month.

I had to start with a BANG, therefore, I contacted my favourite fitness and lifestyle blogger Carly Rowena.

Carly is a London based personal trainer, lifestyle blogger and personal trainer. I have been following Carly now for nearly two years. The main reason why she is my favourite blogger is  that she is REAL. Since following Carly, she has never lost sight of who she is or what her goals are. She still occasionally snorts when she laughs, cries with happiness and sadness, often films naked and continues to motivate.

I want to say a big thank you to Carly for agreeing to be my first interviewee. I hope you enjoy the blog!

Spring has arrived and lots of people use this time of the year to ‘Spring Clean’ – whether this is to get organised, get fit or become more mindful. 
How would you suggest people ‘Spring Cleaned’ in hope to be happier and healthier?
Answer: First, start de-clogging by going through your cupboards, give away those sneaky snacks that you just can’t resist and then make a healthy meal plan to get you back on track.

Is there any spring time exercises or tips you can suggest for people to become more active? 
Answer: Spring is the best time to hit the streets and clear your head with a walk, walk-jog or run, failing that, conquer your fears and take on bouldering or cycling!

The term ‘wellbeing’ is being used consistently throughout the media at the minute, with this in mind, what does ‘wellbeing’ mean to you?
Answer: Wellbeing for me is all about having a healthy mind and feeling incredible across all areas. Exercising and changing your diet can be stressful, sometimes we become obsessive, wellbeing is about finding balance and feeling confident in yourself.

If not already answered, what is your number one tip for staying positive?
Answer: Gravitate towards radiators not drains, so many people in this world perfer to listen to negativity and it very quickly drains you, spend time with those that leave you beaming.
Have you got any events or appearances coming up in the summer for people to aim towards?

Answer: Yes, I’m actually planning a 6 week summer bootcamp to co-incide with my Ebook, my aim is to travel the world training those who have got me where I am today, hopefully i’ll see you guys there!

To find out more about Carly or see her in action on her you tube channel click the links below:

Website: http://www.carlyrowena.com/about

You tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Carlyrowena

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