Jodie Marsh’s Supplement Review

JST supplements are designed for and by women. This is a honest and unpaid review about the range.

JST supplements are designed for and by women.

I was sent a big box of items including supplement tablets , diet protein and the OMG bars. As I want to review the items properly I will be doing another write up on the tablet supplements once I have taken them for two weeks in order to give a detailed and trustworthy review.



The JDIET Whey Protein contains Yacon, Guarana, Cocoa, Acai, Green Tea, L-Carnitine, Cayenne and Chromium. This carefully crafted protein is fantastic for women in supporting protein synthesis alongside aiding weight loss. The metabolic boosting ingredients include the Guara, Acai, Cayenne and Green tea, which are all natural ingredients, rather than chemically inducing fat burners, which often result in light headiness for women.


I’ve got to say, when I received the package I was a little gutted. Not with what I had received but the flavour. I have a thing about strawberry protein powder – I  find it sickly and often artificial. I was over the moon with the natural taste of the JST Strawberry cheesecake protein. I have now tried it in porridge, shakes and yogurt, as below. The supplements’ flavor remained consistent; it didn’t curd within the porridge and the shake was smooth without rigorous, hand aching shaking.


Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Porridge

Another perk? The protein is gluten free – after having it I’ve recorded no side effects or bloating. Considering this, alongside the beautiful natural flavour – I would highly recommend buying this product at £35.00 for 1 kilo.  I now cannot wait to try the other flavours available! These include: Chocolate Orange / Cookie Dough / Raspberry Ripple / Strawberry Cheesecake


Layered Strawberry Cheesecake Compot




Living up to something like OMG bars is pretty tough. You are setting yourself up for really high expectations. Again, Jodie has hit the nail on the head with these bars. They are compact but filling and bursting with chocolatey flavour. The bars come in two flavours chocolate chip and double chocolate. I was sent the double chocolate flavour. At 30g, the bars are petite and suitable for women. I often find that the standard protein bar is too much to consumer in one sitting – especially if you are prepping for a shoot/show or dieting, a protein bar can be hard to fit into your daily macros, as many have a high fat content.

These 30g bars are great for satisfying sweet cravings with minimal macros:



These bars also work on top of frozen yogurt OR porridge!

PRICE: 19.99 – For 20 protein bars

I want to finally finish by saying thank you to Jodie and her team for sending me the products to review. I’m looking forward to see the full effects of the tablet supplements and will be doing a write up on these in the next couple of weeks.

Any questions or if you would like me to review something for you please email



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