Liftus Bircher

I first had bircher in Australia. My friend in Perth had it as her ‘go to’ breakfast. They would make it in a big yogurt tub the night before and then everyone helped themselves in the morning.Places like Pret, EAT and Starbucks sell bircher but the fat and sugar content is very high! So this version is a healthier , gluten free option based on the original bircher I had in Perth.

Serves: 2
200g greek yogurt
100ml Go coco Coconut water
1 apple, grated OR 50g frozen berries
75g unsweetened/suagar free gluten free muesli or homemade
15g pistachio nuts, de-shelled and crushed
1 scoop TRKG vanilla protein (optional)

Combine all in a bowl and place in the fridge
Let soak over night
Serve in the morning with a extra dollop of greek yogurt
**For those who are lactose intolerance Alpro almond yogurt works really well

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