Turmeric Chicken and Spinach Quinoa Salad

. This is perfected with the hit of turmeric running through the plate.



125g raw chicken
1/2 tsp olive oil or 3 spray
1 sprinkle black pepper and pink salt
1 tsp turmeric
100g cooked quinoa
100g cooked buckwheat
5ml tamari
1 handful spinach
3 cherry or sundried tomatoes
1 egg



1. Add chicken to baking tray with oil, seasoning and 1/2 the turmeric, add to oven to cook through


2. Once the chicken is cooked put it to one side

3. Add 50ml water to pan and stir in the quinoa and buckwheat to heat


4. Meanwhile boil water and begin to poach the egg


5. Sprinkle in the remaining turmeric and then stir in the tamari



6. Stir in tomatoes, spinach and chicken

7. Serve all together with the poached egg on top


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