For the new year, like many, you’ve decided to go on a health kick. However, it gets to mid afternoon and you are CRAVING the sweet stuff or something naughty. This is due to both blood sugar and magnesium levels. As we concentrate throughout the day, at our computer screens, in meetings or training clients – these levels drop. This makes us tired, lack concentration and crave a pick me up, usually something sweet. With most people they have become accustomed to grabbing processed/quick fix food to restore these levels however, if we make sure we are prepared we can combat these cravings in a healthier way. Below is a list of my favourite, easy to prep, snacks. These all include links so you can find out more about the products.

Cinnamon fruit and peanut butter


1/2 apple
1/2 banana
10g sukrin peanut flour
1 dash trkg syrup
OR use sugar/palm free peanut butter like DR ZAKS Peanut butter
1 sprinkle cinnamon


Simple chop up fruit and serve with peanut butter of choice. I like mixing the peanut flour with trkg syrup or the DR Zaks protein nut butter

Frozen Grapes

Frozen grapes


10-15 grapes


Simply freeze and then when you’re ready to eat let defrost for a couple of minutes. Otherwise they may stick to your tongue and no body wants that! (I have personal experience, not pretty)

Protein Balls

Who doesn’t love a good protein ball? Does that sound odd? Anyway, the great thing with these is that you can add a variety to flavours so it suits your taste buds! I have a great recipe for the over on the Liftus Facebook !!



Popcorn has taken over. Have you too suddenly seen popcorn in all the shops? That’s because swapping these light bites instead of crisps is the perfect healthy alternative. There is a variety of brands but my favourite is the Slim Secrets Pop Corn from TRKG. It comes in big bags so I just portion it out and make sure I keep it fresh by adding a peg to the bag! This also stops a certain someone eating the whole bag in one sitting (I’m looking at you Ash).


Protein bars

Yup of course they made it on the list. Protein bars are a great things to have on hand. You just have to find one that suits you. I swap between the TRKG slim secret bars and the Quest Nutrition, cookies and cream to be precise. This is because they are both Gluten free and don’t upset my stomach. I have the Quest bar either before training or on a higher carb day whereas the slim secrets are perfect for when you are having lower carbs or just need a pick me up!!


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