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So to give you a glimpse into the Strong is the new Skinny series I’ve decided to share one of the workouts with you. This is taken from one of the superset/amraps week.

Warm up: 
Warm up with sumo squats without a weight. I try to just do two sets of 15 to activate my muscles.
Exercise 1 
4 x Pause squats with box on the smith machine, superset with 10x box jumps. (Increase weight each set)
Exercise 2 
4 x glute bridges using smith machine or barbell ( try and increase weight each set)
Exercise 3 
Single leg hamstring curls superset with 15x alternative jumping lunges
Exercise 4
Close leg leaning squats using hack machine (link to Instagram)
Finally finish with hill sprints! 30 second sprint followed by 1 minute recovery walk. Try and do at least 5 sprints!
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