10 ways to de-stress

We often become caught up in life’s rat-race, especially on the countdown to Christmas. Therefore allowing yourself time to relax is important. This isn’t relaxing in of the TV this is mindful relaxation that will better your outlook.

1. Excercise

Although exercise can be tiring and intense it can also be therapeutic for the mind. Exercise has incredible correlations in reducing stress levels. Not only will it help reach your goal but it will help you relax.

2. Colour it iN

Coloring? Isn’t that for children? Cognitive studies have found that shading can reduce inflammation within the brain region connected to stress.

You can now pick up adult coloring books from WHSmith or online.


3. Walk around the block

Ever get home from work and felt snappy? Studies have shown that walking for 5 minutes around the block can reduce your blood pressure levels and therefore bring corital back to its homestatis. You will probably find that you start the walk with a fast pace but as you get nearer to home and your homestatis returns then you will walk in a more relaxed manner.

4. Infuse in lavender

The natural fragrance of lavender settles out brain activity. It ‘defogs’ the brain returning clarity. Have a 10 minute soak with some lavender infused bubble bath !

LINK: Lush for Lavender bombs and oils

5. Get organised

Creating weekly ‘to do’ lists or ‘goals, has been found to lower stress and also elevate moods. The ability to physically tick of tasks increases positive endorphins by making you feel accomplished.

6. Switch off

As our generation becomes more heavily reliable on electrical devices it is important to switch off sometimes. 80% of the population spend on average 7 hours a day using an electrical device. Whether this be on your walk to the train station, just listen to the world around you. Or it could be that you turn off your phone and start that novel you bought last summer but never got round to reading.

7. Rain your neck in

Stress levels can often be caused by neck or eye soreness. As mentioned we heavily rely on electronical devices. We often look down at our devices places out necks under stress. It is therefore important to manage our posture and where possible support your neck. Try getting a stand for you device at work. When your eyes get tired take a 2 minute break, walk around your office or at home.

8. Hydrate

Stress headache? It could actually just be that you are dehydrated? Before resulting to the paracetamol drink a big glass of water and see if that tension headache goes!

9. Cook

Studies show that cooking / baking has threptic effects. No we don’t expect you to be Mary Berry but experimenting with food can be both enjoyable and rewarding! (once consumed). We have some really easy to follow recipes on the blog at www.liftusfitness.com

10. Meditate

Meditation doesn’t haven’t be conducted in blissful room with whale music whilst being cross legged. Meditation can be done anytime , anywhere. It’s more about switching off and giving your mind a chance to breath. This can be done on your morning commute, waiting to pick the kids up etc. If you are a beginner to mindfulness then there is a great app to get started.

Mindful Apps

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