Toffee Nut Banana Bread

This loaf is fantastic to have as a healthy go to. Cold or warm its delicious with some added peanut butter, honey, cinnamon or just on it’s own. I’ve loved working with My Proteins new range of flavours as they are so diverse. Alongside my favourite alternative flours from Sukrin flour that are low carb and high in protein! The number one product though is those toffee flavour drops! I’ve used them for so much and I love that it’s in a tiny little bottle!

Makes 1 loaf, 6 slices
1 banana
1 tbsp flaxseeds
75g My Protein Kamut Flavour
50g Sukrin almond flour
2 tsp toffee flavour drops
1 serving vanilla extract
40ml almond milk
2 eggs
2 tbsp My Protein Peanut butter
1 tbsp My Protein coconut oil
10g chopped nuts
Chop 1 banana and put it to one side. Blend flavours, milk, vanilla and eggs in a bowl or nutri-bullet. Melt peanut butter and oil on a low heat. Add peanut butter mixture to flour. Finally add in toffee drops, flaxseeds and then banana. Line baking dish with coconut oil or baking powder. Add mixture to dish and spread evenly. Finally sprinkle over chopped nuts.

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