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Last week I attended Food Matters conference at Excel London. I attended fantastic seminars and discovered lots of exciting new healthy products. I was given lots of products to sample and to blog about. Instead of writing blogs on by one I thought I would do my top products and rate them out of 5 stars! I have included a little synopsis and my thoughts about the brand

Stur Drops


About: Completely new on the market is the Stevia drops. Recently brands such as Robinsons have created concentrated squash to add to drinks. This is a similar concept but instead of using artificial sweetener stevia has been used instead. Stevia is a natural plant sugar.

My thoughts: The flavour is very natural and gives water a hint of freshness. As they are only small too they are great to pop in your bag and have on hand!

Stars: ***



About: Crickets are the new Prada. Cricket flour is high in protein and associated with fantastic health benefits.

My thoughts: When I tasted these bars I was so surprised! They currently have two flavours. I’m really looking forward for the development of this brand and to see more products!

Stars: ****

Kaizen Living Acai Powde

About: Superfoods are reknown for being super expensive. Kaizen wanted to create superfoods that were more affordable.

My thoughts: I’ve only ever used acai powder sparingly as I often find it quite bitter. However I’m really pleased with both the consistency and taste. I used it in my Nalu Smoothie bowl and it took it to the next level! They are also Manchester based so they get an extra star for that!

Stars : ****

Nalu bowl recipe


50g berries

70g frozen banana

1 tsp acai powder

100ml coconut water

100g 0% greek yogurt

½ serving Neat Nutrition Berry Pea Protein


Dr Zaks

A picture of homemade Protein French toast made with Dr Zaks French toast. Its perfect to cook with as it doesn’t go soggy or fall apart! The added protein doesn’t just make you stronger it also makes the product more universal!


About/My thoughts: The range has just got so much better! I already used Dr Zaks products but after meeting up with the team again I’m head over heels again. Dr Zaks was developed due to ‘Dr Zak’ himself wanting to have day-to-day foods whilst in contest prep. Using his 10 year bio-chemistry background he developed a range of high protein products for both bodybuilders and the everyday consumer. The brand encourages high protein diets to aid weight loss and unhealthy snaking. My favourite product was the white chocolate protein peanut butter!

I am soon going to start working with DR Zaks to produce some easy to follow videos!

Stars: ****

Paleo Bars: Die Kurgen


These are the first 100% paleo bars that I have been blown away with. The bars come in savoury, fruit and nutty. The taste is incredible natural and with each base you get a delicious hit of flavours. Additionally the packaging is even biodegradable. The products have been carefully thought through and also take account of sustainability!

Stars: *****


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