How To Order Your Coffee

We love coffee. A perfectly brewed cup in the morning gives you that warm feeling. Ordering a coffee can be underestimated. Coffee calories can sneak up on especially in the winter months. Did you know that some of Starbucks coffees have over 400kcals in? A caramel macchiato with regular milk has 336 calories. A café mocha with whipped cream has 456 calaroies… the list goes on. So we have decided to educate you on how to order a coffee, guilt free….


Our go to coffee order:

Sophia: Flat white with almond or soy milk and then a single serving of sugar free hazelnut syrup (82 Kcal)

Ash: Latte with skimmed milk and caramel sugar free syrup (84 Kcal)

In the summer:

Sophia: Americano iced with a splash of soy and a single serving sugar free hazelnut or vanilla (45 Kcal)

Ash: Ice coffee with milk, blended with sugar free shot (40 Kcal)

But what about at home? How can we make a lovely morning coffee without a coffee machine or Starbucks syrups?

Tip 1

Use TRKG sugar free syrups! They have an amazing range of flavours and they are great for baking too. They are made from sucralose which is a sweetener. But unlike harmful sugars we just flush it out of our body as it is unable to be metaolized by the body. During our competition prep the TRKG syrups were the perfect addition to a plain black coffee. Our favourite flavour is salted caramel but they have lots available. You can use the link below and TRKGLF for 10% off.


Tip 2

If you cannot afford a coffee machine then pick up a cafeteria. You can buy ground coffee beans in bulk and the taste is much bolder then instant. We love our TRKG coffee beans. Our favourite is the Café Amahle This coffee is rich, sweet and complex with thick syrupy body!

Tip 3

The best way to make a home coffee just like starbucks but without a coffee machine is to warm up the milk separately. You can then blend the milk. Yes I said blend like you would your green juice. This makes the milk extra froffy. Then add the black coffee in and blend again. You then have the perfect home made starbucks!


Add a little flavour. My Protein have an incredible flavour enhancer that comes in several flavours. Because of its high concentration you only need a couple of drops to transform your coffee. And they come in a little bottle so you can pop it in your handbag and use it when you order coffee out too! No more need for sugar or syrups! Use the link below and LIFTUSFITNESS to order yours today!

my protein flavour drops

my protein flavour drops






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