The Detox Myth

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The Detox Myth and you should avoid the Detox scam.

There is no scientific evidence showing that the body requires a detox!!!

Well that is as long as you are not an alcoholic or a drug addict.

I will start by asking you a question? Can you tell me the function of your liver and kidneys?
Most people will not be able to answer this question… so let me tell you..

– Blood detoxification and purification (Detox Fad’s should I stop here or carry on going?)
– Bile Production and excretion
– Metabolism of fats, protein and carbohydrates
– Synthesis of plasma proteins (helps to clot an open wound)
– Excretion of cholesterol, hormones and drugs
There are many many many more functions the liver but in short the liver NATURALLY removes these so called ‘nasties’ people talk about from the body.

– Waste Excretion (the kidney filters out ‘toxins’ you know the special word fad detox companies use, excess salts and urea which is a nitrogen based waste created by cell metabolism.
– Water Level Balancing
– Blood Pressure regulation
– Red Blood cell and Acid Regulation.

So what do you need to take from the above? You know how these companies state that this product will ‘detox’ by removing all the toxins from your body… you know the function that your liver and kidneys already do naturally. The function which is yet to receive any scientific evidence that ANY of these so called products can improve the natural function of your body that works 365 days a year and every 4 years decides to work an extra day.

What you need to do?

Drink Water- we will start with water helps your kidneys as this is today’s topic……
Body fluids transport waste products in and out of cells. The main toxin which I briefly touched on before is blood urea nitrogen, a water-soluble waste that is able to pass through the kidneys to be excreted in urine. Yes the kidney do an amazing job of removing toxins from your body AS LONG as your water intake is adequate.

Further information on water:
-Our body is made up of about 60% water.
Functions of water include: digestion, absortion, circulation, transportation of nutrients and regulating your body temperature.
Why else is water good for you?
Drinking water help to control your weight (by replacing your high sugar soda for water, not for any other reason)
Reduce water retention- when you do not drink enough water your body like a camel goes into survival mode and stores water just like a camel. The more you drink, the more you pee, the less water your body retains.

What else you need to do?

Find your balance!

You need to eat an adequate amount of proteins, carbs and fats per day for a balanced lifestyle. This needs to be consistent and not something you do intermittently.

The real reason I get frustrated with the sales people from these companies is you will do a diet for 5, 9 or 14 days, you will starve yourself living off pills and gels and one meal a day with a meal with a protein shake (protein shakes are SUPPLEMENTS NOT MEALS) to get in your essential vitamins and minerals, you do all of this to drop 5lbs in 5 days, 9lbs in 9 days, 10lbs in 14 days…. You then see a celebratory weekend of wine and junk food, followed on by another weekend of the same ‘because you have earnt it’ until all the weight you have lost through the overly expensive process has been put on and some more… you then restart the process and pay another £££ for the same process. What people are failing to understand is how much damage you are doing to your metabolism… the crash dieting then putting on weight, crash dieting and then again putting on more weight will shut down your metabolism and you WILL GAIN weight when you get into your thirties, if you are lucky you will last until you are 40…. The metabolism blog will be coming at you soon.


Be consistent with your lifestyle… Drink water, eat a healthy balanced and sustainable diet day in and day out- healthy does not mean boring visit our Instagram page @liftusfitness for meal inspiration or email us for information on our nutritional plans.

Save yourself some money by avoiding these detox diets- they simply are a fad, your liver and kidneys do this function for you.

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