Not naughty but nice Truffles


50g oats
100ml Choc mylk (Rebel health) or alternatively use Almond milk
1 tsp of Green and blacks coco (1 tsp extra if you use almond milk as liquid)
15g Shredded coconut
1 tsp of Chi coconut oil
1 tsp of stevia
25g Vanilla protein


Stir together oats, coco, protein and stevia then add in all your liquids. You want the mixture to be wet but not runny. When creating the ball shapes if the mixture sticks to your hands too much then add more oats! Oppositely if it’s too dry then add a drop more milk, until you have the perfect texture. Get your mixture and start rolling your balls, best way is to use your hands! It’s messy but a great one to do with kids! Then sprinkle shredded coconut on a chopping board and roll the balls – Alternatively if you don’t like shredded coconut use more coco powder. I placed mine in mini cupcake holders from Sainsburys 🙂

Once made pop in to the Fridge… 30 minutes later, serve with some bubble! J

Nutrition (For all 10 balls)
Kcals: 520
Protein: 27.3g
Carbs: 51g
Fat: 21g

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